Vehicle monitoring

In the field of vehicle monitoring and location we offer our own solution – Car Fleet Management Support System named NiTcar based on the use of GPS and GSM. The system allows you to track moving objects and simultaneously, on a regular basis, transmit data about their parameters using GPRS transmission in GSM networks. Our unique transmission protocol developed in our company guarantees transmission security and minimum cost of ownership.

Its mission is to provide complete and accurate information to guide your logistics policy and optimize fleet management, analysis and control of driver work, field staff management (eg winter road maintenance vehicles, garbage trucks, traction control of sales representatives, and many more), fuel economy control and vehicle security (in case of possible theft, the GPS position of the vehicle is known).

The main functions of this modern management tool are to locate the object in space and to present the data in an easy-to-analyze manner by each user. It includes: StTrĀ®1000 on-board unit, communication servers, NiTcar application.

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