NiT” LLC has been specializing in providing solutions to help control and monitor all processes requiring constant monitoring and control since 1992. We are the manufacturer of the Integrated Transmission and Data Exchange Platform. Our solutions can be successfully used both for stationary and mobile objects.

Exemplary objects monitored in our systems are technological objects such as boiler rooms, sewerage systems, water supply systems, district heating systems, and mobile facilities: cars, buses, trams, machines and aircrafts (ULM category).

Our solutions are grouped in the following areas:

  • tracking and monitoring of vehicles - NiTcar system 
  • monitoring and control of technological processes - NiTcom system 
  • location of aircrafts – NiTcraft system
  • systems for public transport – integrated communication platforms, dynamic passenger information systems

We also specialize in the development and delivery of custom data transmission systems that allow you to monitor objects in locations where a stationary telecommunication network is not available.